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McMillan Insurance Services

McMillan Insurance Services is an independent agency based in central Illinois and serving clients across the state from multiple locations. Their independence, experience, and personal customer service set them apart from their competitors in the area.

The Challenge

McMillan Insurance Services knew that they needed a website, but they also needed help with other digital marketing services. Finding new clients online was difficult because they weren’t showing up in search results, and no one on their team had time to consistently post on social media, even though they had followers.

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The Solution

We needed to make McMillan Insurance Services look more established online, starting with a website overhaul and search engine optimization. We also produced professional video to showcase the experience of the agency, and we implemented a Facebook plan to start giving them regular posts.


Insurance agencies like McMillan almost always have the same problems with websites: outdated design, hard-to-follow navigation, too much “story” on the homepage, and not enough information detailing the insurance policies they offered. McMillan’s new homepage alone lets visitors quickly talk to an agent, get a quote, see who McMillan’s carriers are, and understand what services they offer. Not only does this homepage model help drive leads faster than complex, text-heavy homepages do, but the internal pages allow new and existing clients to learn more about each policy, report claims, make payments, and more.


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Pay Per Click Advertising

Most agencies like to specialize in one or two kinds of insurance, even if they can technically cover almost anything. In McMillan’s case, it was life insurance. In order to drive more life insurance leads their way, we put the focus on a PPC campaign that almost exclusively highlights that coverage. This allows us to reach as many people as possible in their area, and bring them the kinds of leads they are looking for.

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Social Media

McMillan Insurance Services understood the importance of staying relevant on Facebook, but they just didn’t have the time to regularly post enough content to keep their page updated. Now, we publish posts regularly, so whether their team posts something every day, or doesn’t post anything for weeks at a time, their page is still engaging its audience and staying up to date!

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A pretty website is just a pretty website if no one is finding it online. The website we built for McMillan includes over 100 internal pages of content, and these do a lot more than educate visitors about insurance. We use these pages to incorporate SEO methods that get McMillan highly ranked on search engines. Three of their agency’s locations are on the first page of Google for every search term we monitor!

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The Success

McMillan Insurance Services came to us as a 5-location agency with almost no online presence. Despite their size, they just weren’t getting the results they wanted. After investing in a marketing plan with us, they now have a current social media presence and a highly-ranking website that works around the clock to bring in more leads, so their team can just focus on what they do best: insuring their clients.