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So You Want a Cheap and Quick Logo Design? Nice Try.

Your business needs a logo and brand. It’s that simple. You know it. I know it. The entire world knows it.

However, the process involved in creating that logo and solid branding strategy is not so simple. Professional graphic designers spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours creating numerous design possibilities for a single logo, meeting with business owners, and completing research for assistance and inspiration. All of these steps are crucial to the success of a brand and logo.

Yet, there is an epidemic occurring in the graphic design and branding industry. 

Due to websites such as, business owners interested in the well-being of their business are no longer convinced they need to hire the best designers in their area to create a truly unique and stunning logo exclusively for their business. Instead, they choose the ‘cheap’ way out and submit their details to an online logo contest or worse, use an online logo creator application. The horror.

“I’ll take one logo and thirty minutes of mediocre design work for $30 please.”

As a business owner, it is perfectly understandable to search for money saving opportunities. Your logo does not fall into this category.

Your brand and logo is a long-term investment that will last throughout the life of the company, and perhaps even longer. Because your logo will be associated with your business for years to come and recognized by your target audience, are you sure you want to take the fast lane and bypass a critical marketing component?

Instead of skimping on cost (and perhaps the future longevity of your business) by using an online design contest or free logo creator, take the time and necessary resources to invest in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive brand and logo created by a professional graphic designer. 

Remember, price and quality are directly correlated. When you offer a measly $30 for a logo design in an online contest, you will in turn receive a logo with the quality associated with your dollar amount. Therefore, a lower price equals a lower quality logo. Although the concept of quality can be a tad relative, I can assure you that $30 for a logo is a joke of a price. 

Naturally, cost is a driving factor in most business decisions. However, it should not be the deciding factor when it pertains to your brand and business identity. David Airey, a professional graphic designer, once stated that asking “How much for a logo?”, is similar to asking a real estate agent “How much for a house?”. A shack and a mansion will not be the same price. Neither will a logo created in 20 minutes and one that was the product of time, research and creative effort.

Online logo creators are the worst.

Ah, the online logo creator. Templates galore! You know your logo should be unique and created exclusively for your business, right?

With that in mind, why would you create your logo based off of a couple hundred templates available online? These programs boast that their ‘custom logos’ are the absolutely best, but when you think about it – how original can these logos be with limited template and customization options? 

Plus, those same templates have been used by numerous individuals and companies across the globe, therefore diminishing the chances of your logo being 100% original. Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your logo be? 

One of the most vital parts of the design process is the feedback. With an online template, your ability to provide and receive feedback is eliminated. Without this step, you will not receive exactly what you are looking for. Do you really think a few colors, a quick description of your service or product, and a couple template options are enough to design a timeless business logo. Nope, nope and nope.

Do you really want a potentially plagiarized logo?

Much to the dismay of professional graphic designers, websites dedicated to logo contests are unfortunately full of plagiarism. Sad, but true. For all you know, the logo you selected was created by an entirely different individual than the one you paid.

Not only are you engaging in fraudulent plagiarism, you could also be using a logo already implemented somewhere else in the world. Take our advice and avoid the headaches associated with online logo contests all together. 

When it comes to designing your logo, don’t take the easy way out. Professionals have the capacity, knowledge and insight needed to create your perfect brand and identity. Isn’t that worth your time, energy and resources? 

Titan Web Marketing Solutions based in Murfreesboro, TN provides Professional Logo Design Services to businesses throughout the United States. If your company needs logo design help Contact Us today.

Titan Digital provides marketing services to businesses all throughout the United States. If your business needs digital marketing help Contact Us today.