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How to Differentiate Among Brand, Logo, and Identity

It’s a common misconception that your brand is your logo. Or your logo is your identity. While all three are similar, they each actually have different roles and play off of each other. Since these three aspects are so easily confused, here is an explanation of each in reference to Coca-Cola to make the differences more apparent.


A company’s brand isn’t actually something that can be seen. It’s who they are. Their personality. What they stand for and believe in. You can’t draw it out or design it; it’s just a concept. A brand is essentially created by the customers as they perceive it. All a company gets to do is guide that perception through what they do and what message they try to convey. A brand is only the beginning of a company. It’s the marketing foundation on which a logo and identity are created.

What is Coca-Cola’s brand?

For a 124-year-old company, Coca-Cola has succeeded in staying connected with their customers by updating itself to stay current with the times as well as by creating campaigns people can relate to. At the beginning of this year, Coca-Cola released its “Taste the Feeling” campaign which embraces all preferences and lifestyles. It’s a “one brand” strategy that has created an all-inclusive vibe for its customers around the world. http://www.coca-colacompany.com/tastethefeeling


Most people can understand what a logo is. But what it isn’t is a company’s brand or identity. A logo is simply a company’s icon–their mascot that allows people to recognize them. It’s what makes people feel an emotion and a connection to the company. Think of it as a flag they use to announce who they are.

What is Coco-Cola’s logo?

Typically, their logo is their name in the official Coca-Cola font that appears on every bottle and can. Some versions include a glass coke bottle along with the Coca-Cola text.


The final component to a company is their identity. This is the complete package of the business–their logo, website, ads, employee uniforms, package design—any visual aspect that lets people recognize the company. An identity is created by setting a list of guidelines that establish a specific color palette, font, and layout. The purpose of having an identity is to create a look without having to put your name on everything.

What is Coca-Cola’s Identity?

If you were to visit Coca-Cola’s website, you could probably figure out whose site it was without having to read the name or even see the bottles of Coke. If you saw someone wearing a red t-shirt that said something with Coca-Cola’s font, Coke would be the first thing that would come to mind, even if the words didn’t say “Coca-Cola.”

Now that you can tell brand, logo, and identity apart, you can understand the importance of each aspect within a company. At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we specialize in helping businesses establish a brand and create a logo and identity to match. Contact us today to get started building your brand.

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