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Why Your Social Media Persona is More Important than You Think

Written by social media intern, Alicia Morgan

You’ve finally got your business off the ground, and you’re pretty good at what you do. Awesome! Unfortunately, it might not be enough to grow your business, and you realize this. Then you make a Facebook account. Maybe even an Instagram or a Twitter account because you are #committed to making your business the best it can be.

But what are you posting? Are you a home design company posting your work? Are you a clothing store posting new arrivals? Maybe you’re a restaurant posting yummy looking food. Am I getting closer?

All of those things are great, but here’s the issue; there are a ton of other businesses just like yours posting things just like that. You really have to make your business stand out if you want it to compete in a competitive market.

Why Social Media is Important

You created all of those social media accounts so you’re on the right track. Social media is your place to make your brand. There is more to your brand than just the products you sell or the services you offer.

Think of brands as people. A lot of people do similar things, but most of the time people have their own way of going about it. Everyone has their own personal style that makes them unique, and when I say style, I mean it in the most superficial of ways.

People give off a vibe; your brand should too. You should be emphasizing your brand’s personality to attract your target market. Social media is your place to show off that personality that makes your business unique.  

Building Your Brand

Let’s say you own a restaurant. Are you a family restaurant that hosts kid’s nights or school fundraisers? Show me that. Are you a bar and grill with great after work drink specials? Show me that. Are you a super hip, all-organic, vegan spot? Show me that.

The point is you probably have a niche. As your potential new customer, I want to know what it is.

Social media is about growing your brand. I may have never been to your restaurant. If I’m looking for an extra rare steak, I don’t want to go to your vegan restaurant and be extra disappointed, so don’t try to bring me in.

Target your target market, and keep everyone happy.  The last thing you want to do is bring in customers who are going to have a bad experience because you weren’t what they expected.

Post With a Purpose

I know I said think of your brand as a person, and this is good advice, if I do say so myself. But think of your brand as it’s own person, not an extension of you.

I’m super happy you have a super cute kid who does super awesome things, but I don’t want to see that on your business’ social media page.

Check out our blog about social media blunders to see other common mistakes people make on their business’ social media pages so you know what not to do.

Be Real on Social Media

Again, I want to know what sets you apart. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. If your business is super laid back, your social media pages shouldn’t look like a corporate conglomerate.

Think about it like this:

[blockquote]I work for a company, and I’ve got investors in town. I want to take them to a nice dinner so I check out Instagram and find your restaurant that looks super upscale and has great food. I take them there, and it’s basically a saloon. I look bad to my investors, and that makes me mad. [/blockquote]

Who am I mad at? You. More specifically, your business, and you’ve just lost me as a customer just because you didn’t represent yourself properly on social media.

There is nothing wrong with showing people who you are. Your target market should be enticed by your social media pages; they should want to come into your store based on how you present it on social media.

Be Consistent With Your Social Media Posts

If you’re that super laid back saloon today, you shouldn’t be a fine dining establishment tomorrow. There is nothing worse than looking at a social media page and not knowing anything about the business when you’re 83 weeks deep because every other post looks like it was posted by a completely different company.

Make sure your posts look natural. Social media is supposed to be constant and in the moment. Make sure your pictures or videos aren’t staged to the point everyone can tell.

People are becoming increasingly social media savvy and, millennials especially, are able to spot a fake or forced post in 2 seconds flat, and the only thing that hurts from this is your business.

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