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The Importance of a Great Website: COVID-19 Edition

The year 2020 brought about some changes that took most of the world by surprise. Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenged the sustainability of small businesses around the world by causing a global shutdown. This shutdown resulted in the closure of millions of businesses due to the issued quarantine. Despite the millions of businesses that were hit harshly due to the unforeseen circumstances, some managed to remain stable. Shockingly, some businesses saw growth. You might be asking, how is this possible? 

The business world was pushed to primarily operate online. This meant producing content for online outlets, redefining business services to operate through the use of websites, and developing e-commerce shops to sell products without the use of a physical storefront. The key piece to success many businesses found during the shutdown was an effective online presence. Most notably, a highly efficient and intuitive website. During shutdown, we learned that having a website goes beyond the glories of being tech-savvy, relevant, or modern. It is now a matter of sustainability.

Work With a Digital Marketing Team

To be successful in today’s business climate, you need a website for your business. Not only is this important for when a potential client is in search of your products or services, but it also acts as a hub for existing clients who are in need of support or information.

There are countless “Do-it -yourself” website building companies out there. These work fine if you’re not particularly concerned with the effectiveness of your website. If you are concerned with the effectiveness of your website, there are businesses and organizations that are dedicated to creating and maintaining a website that will positively affect your business’s online presence. Trusting a dedicated team to create and manage a strong website for your business will lead to increased online traffic. As an additional perk, your website will be professionally designed, giving it a clean and refined look.

What If You Operate From a Physical Storefront?

That’s the great thing about websites! You can offer your in-store products online through the use of e-commerce. Not only is this an efficient way to serve your customers or clients, it could also be a helpful tool to have under your belt in the event of another shutdown. This may lead to restructuring the format of your current provided services. Creating an e-commerce website may be a larger investment initially, but one that would pay for itself in little time. Looking at the current online climate, e-commerce sales have the potential to surpass in-store sales at the rate things are moving. In an emergency situation, you might find yourself with no physical storefront. E-commerce is a reliable method of staying profitable when faced with uncertain circumstances.

As a business owner or operator, your response to unprecedented circumstances is crucial. Your business should be able to continue serving the public regardless of what may come next. A sustainable, well-functioning website is a promising step towards strengthening your business’s sustainability in the future.

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