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Using Social Media to Increase Sales for Your Hardware Store

In the age of online shopping, it can be hard to compete with big-name companies that have a substantial social media following. However, hardware stores already have tons of products and excellent customer service, so why not take advantage of this by bringing your best features onto social media? 

Why would hardware stores be on social media? 

Hardware stores need to be where their customers are, and increasingly, that’s on social media. To connect with these customers, hardware stores need to advertise on social media. So why is social media so crucial to hardware stores? 

First, social media has so many opportunities to reach new people. In 2020,  around 3.6 billion people were on social media platforms worldwide. By advertising on social media, hardware stores can put their products in front of people who may not have otherwise heard about their store. Or, when people are looking for information about a hardware product or service, they often turn to social media to find reviews or DIY projects. As a result, hardware stores that advertise on social media will be more likely to reach people who are interested in their products. 

Finally, social media platforms are where people go to buy things. Did you know that social media channels conduct over half of all online purchases? Naturally, hardware stores that advertise on social media will be more likely to make sales. 

So, how can hardware stores use social media ads to increase their profits? 

There are several different ways to use social media advertising to connect with customers. One way is to create targeted ads. With targeted ads, you can target people who have already shown an interest in your products or services. For example, you can target people who have recently searched for “tools” on Facebook if you sell tools. 

Another way to use social media advertising is to create sponsored posts. Sponsored posts appear in people’s newsfeeds as paid ads. They look just like regular posts, but they have a “Sponsored” tag at the top. Sponsored posts are a great way to reach more people than targeted ads. 

Hardware stores can also use social media advertising to create video ads. This strategy is a great way to show off your products and services in a fun and exciting way while keeping high viewer retention. In addition, videos will draw in users and cause them to want to know more about what you have to offer. 

These types of social media ads can be effective for hardware stores. By using the correct type of ad and targeting the right audience, hardware stores can increase their profits by advertising on social media. 

If you’re ready to start your hardware store’s social media ventures, Titan Digital is here to help. Contact our office to get started today. 

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