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10 Ways to Utilize Marketing Successfully During the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for businesses. With some stores gaining up to 59% more clients than before, profits climb higher than a Christmas tree. So you may be wondering how you can achieve such success. The answer is simple: awesome marketing. However, awesome marketing doesn’t just happen overnight. There is a lot that goes into making sure it is truly successful as well as effective. As an early gift to you, take a look at these 10 tips to really amp up your sales.

Re-Evaluate and Start Planning

For many companies, this isn’t their first time with marketing during the holidays. Marketing fuels sales in the way cookies do for Santa. With that being said, before you begin your holiday marketing, examine how you did last year. What worked and what didn’t work? Did you have effective coupons? Was the free shipping time period too short? What received a lot of attention and what didn’t? Use this time to sit down with your team and really map-out your marketing campaign this year by learning from your past year’s success and failures. While planning it all out, take these other tips into consideration.

Sit Down with Your Staff

When you are doing a massive campaign, especially for the holidays, you are going to really need your team on your side. It would be wise to sit down and have a conversation with them, multiple if you have to, to get them on the same page. If they are not as enthusiastic about the marketing, it will show. Get them pumped up, have them know the expectations, and most importantly, brainstorm. Collaborating together is one of the keys to success in your holiday campaign as well as other projects. Together, you will find more success than without.

Know Your Target Audience

If you are launching an ad for winter coats in Florida, you might not receive a lot of success. With that being said, taking the time to research your target audience would be beneficial to your campaign. If you really want to see success, you have to understand who you are planning for. That way you know which marketing tool would be the most effective.

Go Social

With literally billions of people using social media, your business should too. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more are popular platforms that draw in a lot of attention. By putting yourself on there, you can pull in even more customers. Take a look at what our social media guru, Kimberly Clary, has to say about using the platform during the holidays:

Promote relevant content. It’s easy to make just a “Happy Holidays” post, but think about how your product or brand can be used during this time in a way that’s relevant to the consumer. Can it be used to create a killer recipe that will have everyone at a holiday party in awe of its deliciousness? Is it an item that can be repurposed into a quirky holiday setting? Just because it isn’t a practical idea doesn’t mean it can’t be hit on social media. Some of the best social media campaigns were hits because they were a little bizarre.

Think about how you can draw your audience into a conversation. Share your business plans for the holidays, then ask your social media followers about their plans. For example, maybe you are planning an office party. Ask them if they have any recipes or tips they would like to share. At your holiday party, take photos of the ones you tried and tag the person who shared it. It will draw your consumer into a conversation with your brand and make them feel like they are part of a community.

What sets your social media apart is how you choose to do it. Any brand can try to get their audience’s attention by taking advantage of social media over the holidays. Can you get your audience engaged with your brand? That’s what’s going to leave a lasting impression.

You’ve Got (Effective) Email

Now that you have a plan established, it’s time to really get those sleigh bells ringing. A good way to kickstart your marketing campaign is by sending emails to your customers, letting them have a glimpse into what is to come. With so many people checking and using email, you can reach a large amount of people before taking it a step further on other platforms. If and when you do use email, make sure that you have an amazing design that really captures the customer’s attention. Also, think about having powerful content that leads the client into clicking on the email–something that doesn’t make them want to skim over it and toss it into the trash. This is when you have to decide on possibly hiring marketing professionals who can create such wonder emails for you to send out. However, if you do have the skillset already, go ahead and let your creativity shine so that your potential customers turn into lifetime customers.

Don’t Over-Stimulate Your Customers

It happens every year. A business loses a potential client because of over-marketing (it is a thing). Although it’s nice learning about sales, getting fifty emails in one day about a pair of shoes that are 30% off on Black Friday can almost feel suffocating. It’s a real turn-off for customers who feel like they are getting slapped in the face with sale after sale. Be kind to your customers. Be consistent with your advertisements, whether it be via email or other locations. When you are in their face about sales, it isn’t flattering. By being consistent, you let your customer learn about the sales in moderation. Moderation can induce happy surprises which then lead your customer to your doors. On the flip side, don’t be too lazy with the marketing. Your email advertisement could get lost in the abyss of other companies if you are not consistent enough. Make sure you stand out from others by presenting your offers in a timely, organized manner that doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm.

Have Amazing Deals They Can’t Ignore

Your marketing is nothing without strong deals. When your business is getting ready for the holidays, make sure that you have plenty of time-limited deals that are desirable to your clients. Something unique that they cannot get anywhere else. You can also customize your deals to target new or loyal customers. Both options are beneficial in the long run. This is also where your graphic design will come in handy. Your designer can make your deals really pop on any platform by using the right colors, fonts, and other tools to really grab their attention. This is especially useful around Black Friday when you will be competing with several other companies. With so many deals going on, you need to make sure that yours stands out. Take all of this into consideration when beginning your campaign.

Get Festive!

When your awesome ads lead your customers to your website, make sure they are not brought to a website that makes you seem like a Scrooge. Your appearance matters, especially to potential clients that are not familiar with your services and such. And while you are giving your website a little festive touch, don’t forget to make your store equally as festive, too! You can do this by offering gift wrapping services, passing out hot chocolate with your company’s logo on the cup, decorating your windows, and more! Take the time to make the seasonal change and let others know you are just as excited about gift-giving as they are.

It’s Okay to Be Emotional

Some of the most effective marketing advertisements really hit on the emotional keynotes. This is okay! The holidays are a time of comfort and joy which should be reflected in your own marketing. Create a bond between you and your customer through the use of content marketing with heartfelt blogs and other material that really draw in your customers. Really send out a powerful, positive message to keep the Holiday spirit flowing.

Make It Shareable

After working so hard on your campaign, you will want to make sure that everyone can see it by making it shareable. It’s the best way to really show off your amazing work. It also provides opportunities to reach customers that may not have known about your company in the first place. For example, maybe you have one deal that is not beneficial for one person, but if shared with someone else, you could find yourself a new customer.

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