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Because Who Doesn’t Want to Rank High on Google?

Whisper in Google’s Ear, and It Will Be the Gift that Keeps on Giving

People often ask, how do we get a website to show up at the top of the search results? The easiest way to explain what we do is to say we are influencers. We whisper in Google’s ear. When we add a keyword to a page, we are telling Google, “This is what the page is about.” When we build a link that points to a website page, we are reinforcing that message. These and many more things will influence Google to move you up the search rankings. Once you are high enough, the payoff will begin. Stay ranked high, and Google becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Our job is to influence Google to your benefit. That means taking a lot of small actions that can lead to a big result. But it never really ends. Because there is always someone that wants to take your place. And they are whispering, too. It’s why we don’t guarantee we can get you to the top. Your competition may have been whispering in Google’s ear for a very long time. We do, however, have a pretty good track record of success in getting the job done.

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Search Marketing Done Right is
a Never-Ending Game

We specialize in helping businesses rank and driving traffic and leads to them with either physical locations or service areas covered from a central location. Companies with that rely on Google Maps and location-based searches to generate leads either through form submissions or phone calls. Ranking in such searches requires time and diligence to get the job done. This is how we get started.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 1: Strategy

Who is your ideal customer? What would they search for to find you? Those are just a couple of the questions we’ll ask during our strategy session as we work to understand your business.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 2: Keyword Research

Now that we know who you want to attract, we need to determine which keywords they use in their searches and how much competition we’re facing to get you ranked.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 3: Website Optimization

Once we’ve figured out the keywords we want to target, we need to work them into the website. This includes the content, images, headings, subheads, links and more. We don’t stop until every page is optimized.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 4: Directory Optimization

Yes, even your Google Maps listing can be optimized. Doing so establishes what the basic business info needs to look like. That info will then be added to hundreds of other websites over time.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 5: Link Building

Links are the juice. It’s the power of one website shared with another. Whether it’s a local directory, industry vertical, or shared content linking back, we need to continuously build links.

SEO Services in Murfreesboro, TN

Step 6: Reporting

Each month we’ll provide reports breaking down what’s going on and the progress being made. What do we rank for and how high? How much traffic are we getting and from where?


We’ve often been asked the question, why can’t I just run PPC ads myself? Well, you can. We just don’t recommend it because you’ll be wasting a lot of money. Proper training and experience matter, and we’ve got lots of both. The case studies shown represent just a couple of our success stories. To learn more about how we work, we encourage you to take a moment and read them yourself.

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