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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog…Yesterday

If your business doesn’t already have a blog, it’s automatically at a disadvantage to all the other businesses out there who have had a blog going for years. How are they doing better than you? Their blogging is creating more traffic for them, creating more free leads, and building relationships with their customers as the industry leader.

Boosts Traffic

You want people to visit your website, right? Simply by blogging, you’re inviting search engines to notice you. Updating your site is a sign to Google and search engines that your site is active and current. Every time you add a blog post, your site is being “updated” and catches the attention of search engines. Blogs also add to the number of keywords floating around in your website, further strengthening them and calling for attention. These constant updates cause search engines to believe your site to be a good choice for anyone typing in search words that match your keywords.

Also, since blogs are shareable content on social media, they reach out to a wider audience than you alone can reach. When you post a blog on an interesting or funny topic, those who see it will share the post for their friends to also see and click on.

Positions You as an Industry Leader

blue swan leading white swans

If you are constantly posting content people want to read, people will start coming back to you as their source of information. Your blogs will show people that you know what you’re talking about. As you build your readership’s trust, they will think of you first to help them when they need your services. If you are a home builder and blog about home ideas and tips, your readers will think of you when they want to build a house. As an HVAC company, blog about common problems and how you solve them, and your readers will trust you first to fix their air unit.

Your blogging will also reaffirm your current clients as to why they chose you over another company. Think of it as talking to your clients and potential customers. Through what you say, those people will be able to discover who you are as a business and feel comfortable forming a relationship because they feel they know you. Blogging doesn’t always have to be about a sale. It can simply be about forming relationships, being helpful, and showing that you care about people’s well-being.

Turns Traffic into Leads

When a person clicks on your blog, they are directed to your website. Whether they knew you before they clicked on your blog or not, they know who you are now. But how do you get the leads? Create a simple call-to-action at the bottom of every post. The content of your post is telling them why they need the services you offer. Your call-to-action will tell them why they need your service specifically. These call-to-actions can be things like “call for a free quote” or “sign up for a free trial”—things people will be willing to offer basic information about themselves for. Aside from these, you can also add links within the post that link to either another post they should read or to a landing page that will prompt them to choose your business.

Want to See an Example?

Basically, this entire post is proving the point why you need a blog. Regardless of why you clicked to read this post, you’re reading it and now know that Titan Web Marketing Solutions exists. We’ve brought you to our site. That’s the traffic. Now for the leads. This is where we give a call-to-action. Our content explains why you need to start a blog. But not sure where or how to start? That’s okay. That’s what Titan is here for. Contact us today for a free quote on starting a blog for your business. We’ll get you the attention and leads your company deserves.

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