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3 Reasons to Prioritize Your Website Design and Content

From being an extension of your branding strategy to providing your existing and future customers with crucial information, your website is essential to the success of your business. Ask yourself:

  • Does my website accurately portray the products, services, and values or my business through the design and content?
  • Is my website up to date with company information and news?
  • Does my current website design display the online reputation I want for my business?

If your answers shock you or you haven’t thought about the state of your website in years, it’s time to prioritize your website design. Why, you ask? Take a look.

Your brand strategy relies on your website.

Your website is an extension of your branding strategy. This means that every detail of your website, including the design, content, and language, must be congruent with your brand. Great website design and content can convey the brand and values of a business clearly. If your website is not representative of your brand, what’s the point of owning a website? Take time out of your schedule to ensure that your website accurately reflects your small business brand.

In addition, companies tend to undergo branding changes if necessary. Does your current website still employ your old logo and branding? If so, you need to add “revamp website design” to the top of your to-do list.

A stunning website design can increase sales.

There’s no doubt that businesses with well-designed websites drive more closed sales than websites with mediocre designs. I think it’s safe to assume that you want to increase your sales. Believe it or not, your website design plays a critical role in the sales process. Not only does your website present necessary information about your products and services to the potential customer, but it also makes a first impression. Is your website making a good first impression? Could it be making a great first impression? Your website design is a convincing factor in the sales process, so do not slack off when it comes to design!

In addition to keeping your website design up to date and consistent with your current branding efforts, your customers and visitors will simply appreciate a visually appealing website. If they see an outdated, poorly designed website, they will be quite unlikely to continue the sales process.  Not only does unexceptional website design and content negatively display your brand and company values, but it will also halt the sales cycle.

You haven’t updated your website.

It’s a fact – businesses experience change. From new employees to the latest specials or deals, your company adapts to change on a regular basis. If your website does not reflect these changes and adaptations, it’s time to take control and bring it up to date. For example, if you are a business with seasonal hours, yet you don’t display those new hours on your website, you will most likely end up with some not-so-happy customers showing up at your business when you’re closed.

Your website has a significant impact on the success or failure of your small business. Ensuring that your website design and content is in line with your brand, assists with the sales process and is regular updated should be one of your top priorities as a small business owner.

Titan Web Marketing Solutions can get your website design up to par and in line with your sales and branding efforts. Give us a call today to learn more about our website design services.

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