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8 Things Your Website Should Avoid at All Costs

According to the most recent NetCraft Web Server Survey (March 2014), there are over 919 million websites on the Internet to date. Of course, this number grows steadily each and every day. Some of these websites are spectacular, and some are…not so spectacular. Over the years the quality of websites has drastically increased. These improvements have led to established website design “norms”. Unfortunately, not many website owners have kept up with the times and changes.

If you’re in the process of building a website or are the owner of a website, whether for business or personal reasons, you should be sure to avoid these black holes of website despair.

Spelling Errors

If yor website containz speling errors you wil not look proffessionall. Granted that this is an extreme example, the fact is still relevant – spelling errors can be costly, to your business and online reputation. As a best practice, have someone such as a friend or colleague look for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Having an additional set of eyes scan your website will increase your chances of catching any and all errors.

Industry Jargon

Let’s say that you have built a website for your computer repair business. Your target audience consists of customers with a broken desktop or laptop who have absolutely no idea of how to even begin repairing their device. These individuals are visiting your website because they are looking for your contact information, so you can quickly restore their computer. Instead of using flashy industry jargon, detail why your computer repair business can assist them with their broken device. Using detailed vocabulary about computer repair may end up ultimately confusing your potential customer.

Auto play video or audio

There is nothing worse than visiting a website and being instantly blasted by blaring music or a disruptive video. Regardless of the purpose of your website, your visitors are looking for information – whether for fun or for other reasons. Yes, video and audio are fantastic ways to communicate and engage your website visitors. But your visitors do not want to be slapped across the face with that content immediately when logging on to your website. Instead, allow your visitors the option to play the audio or video file at their leisure. You’ll find that more often than not, your visitors will watch your video.


Are we over pop-ups yet? Chances are, your visitor won’t click on them. Unless they truthfully are the millionth visitor and have won a bazillion dollars, you’ll just drive the customer away with these ancient sales tactics. I understand that you are trying to catch the attention of the website visitor, but if they’re on your website you already have their attention. Use intriguing content and interactive methods to capture your visitor’s consideration rather than annoying them with a pop-up ad.

Outdated content

The goal of your website should be to provide your visitors with up-to-date information about your product or service. If your business website still has profiles of employees who left 5 years ago or details about discontinued products, you need to update your website as soon as possible. In addition to helping your search engine optimization services, this will also provide beneficial and correct information for your current and potential customers. Always steer away from outdated content.


Puffery is defined as exaggerated or falsified praise. Unfortunately some websites take the exaggeration way too far. Businesses that engage in puffery often end up with disgruntled customers and bad online reviews. Be honest with your website visitors, it will only help you in the long run.

Overwhelming, cluttered, in-your-face web design

Web design can be tricky. You want a professional, simple, and sleek design in order to receive optimal results. Be sure to avoid anything that:

  • Flashes bright colors rapidly in succession
  • Distracts the visitor from the main content
  • Confuses the navigation of your content

Clip Art

It’s hard to be taken seriously as a business if you still use clip art on your website. You want to present your website in a professional fashion, not one that says you’re a fan of cheesy images. Include clear, high-quality pictures that easily display your products and services. These images should display your products and services in a positive light. In other words, don’t use pictures such as the example to the left.

If your website still employs clip art and pop-ups, and is ridden with spelling errors, it’s time for a complete renovation. When transforming your website, remember to avoid these web design flaws at all costs. If you are in need of web design assistance, you know who to turn to.

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