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Avoid Common Design Mistakes When Building Your Website

The design of your business’s website is crucial to your overall success. A well-designed site will appeal to your audience and, therefore, be more likely to convert visitors into customers. But what are some common mistakes businesses make when designing their websites? We’ll explore the top 5 most common design blunders that many companies fall victim to. 

1) Not using a template 

A professional website should not look like it was designed by an amateur. One way to ensure your site looks polished and professional is to use a template. This will give your website a cohesive look and feel and ensure that all of your pages are consistent in terms of design and layout. Many website builders have free templates available, but spending money on premium templates can be a worthy investment. 

2) Not using a responsive design 

With so many people now viewing websites on mobile devices, it’s important to use a responsive design that will automatically adjust to the screen’s size. If your website isn’t responsive, it will look distorted and awkward when viewed on a phone or tablet. With the number of mobile users increasing, not having a responsive and well-designed website for mobile devices could cause you to lose potential customers. 

3) Not using proper fonts 

Another common mistake is not using the proper fonts. Different fonts can convey different messages, so choosing the right font for your website is essential. You want your font to fit your business’s style and culture, as your website is seen as an extension of your business. Typically, well-designed websites will use 2-3 different fonts. Each font is used for specific parts of the page, like headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. Stay consistent with the type of font used for each heading and paragraph. 

4) Having too many or too few pages 

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is not having enough pages on their website. But it’s just as common to have too many pages. When designing your website, think about your site’s main goals and how you can best achieve them. Then focus on creating a few high-quality pages rather than many low-quality pages. Too many pages can make it difficult for visitors to find the information they need. If this happens, they can become frustrated and leave your website, causing you to lose a customer. 

5) Not using images effectively 

Images are a great way to engage your audience and add visual interest to your website. But it’s essential to use them correctly. Make sure all of your images are properly sized and formatted and that you have enough of them to tell your story. Images can also help with search engine optimization through file names and alt text. 

All of these mistakes listed are things that could make or break a website for a first-time visitor. These tips are simple but important, so make sure to consider them when designing your new website. 

You can easily avoid these website design mistakes for your business by hiring a professional web design agency. Contact Titan Digital today to get started on your new website. 

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