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Why Your Brand Should Have a Sense of Humor

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? A sense of humor is integral when it comes to the many situations one faces throughout life. Whether you make a mistake, have to give a presentation, or are going through a stressful time, facing situations with a sense of humor can work wonders. The same is applicable to your company’s culture and brand.

A Laugh Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Take Your Brand Seriously

There are so many companies out there that take themselves too seriously — these places are unrelatable to most on the outside looking in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many brands doing seriously well that aren’t afraid to go for the funny bone of their consumers. Most everyone you talk to can probably recall a ridiculous Old Spice or Dollar Shave Club commercial (while they both happen to be personal care brands is beyond us… more brands should join in with the humor, we’re welcoming it!). Although it may be hard for you to incorporate humor like that into your brand, you don’t need to take it to such a level in order to have an impact and make a change. There’s a happy medium that can make your brand stand out in a unique way, that’s most appropriate for what it’s representing.

Because of the hilarious brands above, let’s take a minute to laugh at and indulge in this iconic commercial from 2010. Alright, back to the funny business (ba dum tss).

Fun Branding Leads to Increased Productivity

A fun brand and work environment go hand in hand. If you’re willing to allow humor to become a part of your company’s brand, the benefits are sure to present themselves elsewhere.

A brand’s humor often coincides with its company’s culture. When you’re increasing the humor within your brand, you’re also increasing the morale of your company. With tasteful humor, you’re able to draw an audience to your brand while simultaneously making your team of employees stronger. Humor has been credited as an aspect of many company successes. It humanizes — a laugh can bring coworkers together and make them feel more at ease with one another. People become more approachable and work together with increased efficiency.

At a Road Block? A Joke May Be The Answer

Sometimes when you’re thinking too hard you end up at a standstill. A sense of humor and lightened mood can help people feel more inspired and open-minded. If you’re meeting with your company to make some decisions on how your brand should implement humor, live in that humor. You can’t be all serious and down to business about comedy, you have to actually feel it. Giggle, chuckle, yuk it up  then get to the brand work.

Humor Can Lead To Brand Confidence

And not only brand confidence but confidence within yourself as well. Taking on experiences with a sense of humor can greatly increase the amount of confidence one feels. Humor can be powerful if implemented at the correct times and in the right manner. Let us not underestimate the power of a good laugh (after all, it’ll tone our abs).

Whether you send out a witty tweet, own up to a mistake with a laugh, or come up with some elaborate humoristic style that makes your brand and company stand out, encouraging a laugh will increase confidence. And with that internalized confidence, your audience should further believe in you.

A sense of humor can be given a bad rap when it comes to business and we’re here to tell you otherwise. Serious businesses can be seriously funny, too. Gather the team, make some jokes, and watch your brand and business grow.

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