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3343 Memorial

3343 Memorial is a luxury apartment community located near some of Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s busiest retail and entertainment attractions. As an upscale, multifamily community featuring an e-Urban design concept, 3343 needed to appeal to residents with modern tastes.

The Challenge

Murfreesboro is a primarily blue-collar area, so it was important for the website to appeal to those who craved upscale living but weren’t in the market for a house. When they came to us, their existing website didn’t showcase the beauty of the property or its amenities. 3343 needed a website that accurately reflected the luxury apartment lifestyle they provide.

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The Solution

Our team got to work on extensive creative design concepts in order to build a beautiful new website. We also worked to direct more traffic to the new site using a PPC campaign.


3343 Memorial came to us seeking a clean, streamlined website with compelling, beautiful imagery. After all, one look at the website should make visitors want to live there! So, we incorporated aerial drone footage right onto the homepage to draw visitors in. From there, they can easily learn more about the community, view photos and amenities, schedule an appointment, complete an application, and even take a 3-D interactive walkthrough of an apartment!

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Our team did market research to discover which apartment search terms were the most effective in the Murfreesboro area. Using the keywords we found, we developed PPC search ads on Google, along with retargeting ads to bring previous visitors back to the site.

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The Success

Together, 3343’s new website and Google ads did exactly what good marketing campaigns are supposed to do: they brought new eyes to the website, impressed and engaged visitors with compelling content and visuals, and reminded previous visitors to return and contact them. Overall, our efforts led to more applications being filled out and apartments being leased at a higher rate than previously.