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Powell & Meadows Agency

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency is an independent agency that writes standard and specialty insurance plans for clients across Tennessee. As an agency that has been around for over 100 years, Powell & Meadows prides itself on longevity, local credibility, personalized coverage, and outstanding customer service.

The Challenge

Powell & Meadows came to us seeking an overhaul of their digital marketing efforts. They are a larger agency with multiple branches and over a century of experience, but they knew their website wasn’t reflecting this. It was outdated, it wasn’t mobile responsive, and it didn’t showcase their expertise. They also didn’t have the time to take advantage of their Facebook page to regularly communicate with clients.

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The Solution

We needed to make Powell & Meadows look more established online, starting with a website overhaul and search engine optimization. We also produced professional video to showcase the experience of the agency, and we implemented a Facebook plan to start giving them regular posts.


In order to bring their website up to speed, we suggested updates like using homepage video instead of a picture of Powell & Meadows’ office, and using icons instead of bullet point links to display their services. We made the site easier to navigate, placed their branches’ contact information at the top, and put their years of experience front and center.

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Powell & Meadows is large and has been around longer than other agencies in the area, so they wanted to emphasize this fact online. We knew that one of the best ways to do this was through video. We put together a series of videos highlighting the values and capabilities that set Powell & Meadows apart. This told their story in ways that content alone couldn’t, and gives their website visitors a unique experience.

Social Media

When it came to social media, Powell & Meadows had the same problem that many insurance agencies face: no one on their team had the time to post every day! We put together a social media strategy to regularly post engaging content that is relevant to their clients. Now, whether their employees are posting a lot or not, Powell & Meadows has a Facebook page that consistently communicates with its followers.

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All of the updates to the website wouldn’t do Powell & Meadows much good if they couldn’t get found in the search results. We built directories to increase their recognition and authority with search engines, and installed a tracking code for Google analytics so we could track user activity on the website. Our efforts have improved rankings for their Carthage location, and increased their organic Google traffic by 33%.

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The Success

With a beautiful website that accurately reflects their scope and experience, Powell & Meadows is giving each new visitor a better first impression of their agency. Compelling video content tells their story to potential clients, and regular Facebook posts remind their followers that they are an established agency in the community they serve.