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The Bug Man

The Bug Man is a pest control service located in Middle Tennessee. They have been in business since 2001 providing a full range of pest services to their customers. Word of mouth had always worked best for them, but now the region was growing rapidly, which meant new residents who looked online for pest control instead of asking the neighbors. For The Bug Man, that meant it was time to take a closer look at digital marketing.

The Challenge

The Bug Man’s brand was well established in the community and had done really well for years, but over time, their competitors started surpassing them in search engine rankings. This was affecting their business despite having a good reputation. They needed a digital facelift to get back in the game.

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The Solution

The Bug Man’s biggest issue was brand awareness. We knew that the best way to start getting found was to have a website that could hold its own on Google, so we built a new website and incorporated SEO tactics that placed The Bug Man above competitors who had been outranking them.


As a business that specializes in entering homes in the area, The Bug Man needed a website that showcased their expertise and established instant trust with online visitors. The site we built accomplishes both of these goals by including their years of experience, local trust, and the company promise all “above the fold” on the homepage. From there, readers can see how The Bug Man guarantees customer safety, and read testimonials from satisfied homeowners.


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When people suspect they might have a bug problem, they turn to the internet. We decided to take advantage of this behavior and flesh out The Bug Man’s content by creating pages of information about common insect infestations in the area. These pages drive website traffic, encourage visitors to stay on the site longer, and help The Bug Man rank higher on Google over their competitors in the area.

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The Success

Now, The Bug Man has an informative, easy-to-read website that quickly establishes trust with every visitor. On top of that, they rank second on Google against other exterminators in the region, only after paid ads. Their website alone brings in an average of 68 leads per month.