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The Village at Elam Farms

The Village at Elam Farms is a relaxing apartment community located near a major interstate in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Convenience to the highway is one of their primary selling points, but being on the outskirts of town posed a challenge for this community. They were in a location where tenants would want to live, but people weren’t seeing them from the road! They needed to get eyes on their apartments another way: the internet.

The Challenge

Middle Tennessee is a hub of growing job opportunities, which means lots of traffic and long commutes. Being so near I-24, The Village at Elam Farms is in a desired location for many commuters who don’t want to or can’t afford to live in Nashville’s city limits. The problem was, they weren’t getting found! They needed an ad campaign to attract new tenants, along with a website that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and heavily focused on convenience.

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The Solution

We used our design expertise to completely remake the existing website. We also worked to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to the new site using a PPC campaign.


The Village at Elam Farms just needed a new website, plain and simple. Not only was theirs outdated in terms of design, it didn’t have a clear path to navigate visitors through the website or encourage them to apply. We put together a streamlined, modern website with appealing imagery, easy navigation, and calls to action to drive more interest and applications.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Elam Farms’ convenience stems from the fact that they are located on the edge of the city, but their location also poses some challenges when it comes to marketing. Since they aren’t in the center of town, they needed help raising awareness about their location. Our PPC campaign expanded their reach to attract renters from all over the city. We also set up remarketing ads to encourage website visitors to book a tour within a 30-day window of viewing the site.

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The Success

The combined use of an effective website and PPC ads has resulted in more people contacting The Village at Elam Farms to inquire about units that are available. The work we put into their projects keeps the complex leased out at a much higher rate than previously.