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Is Email Marketing Worth the ROI?

If a business is looking to implement a new marketing campaign, it’s obvious that they’re seeking a method with a solid return on investment (ROI). If it hasn’t already been established, an email marketing campaign is the way to go.  

Email’s Still In?

You may be asking yourself this question, as you look around at the growing social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Is email worth the time and money today? Although email is an aging tool, it’s used in a vastly different way than it was years ago. Email is integral to many a marketing campaign and one that businesses should be taking advantage of.

You’d probably be surprised to learn that email marketing produces the highest return on investment (ROI) out of all other advertisement methods it’s compared to in a 2015 study by VentureBeat. Despite recent online trends, emails are actually 40 times more effective than social media networks like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to gaining new customers. Check out these graphs if you’re having a hard time believing this.

What Does Good Email Marketing Look Like?

Screen showing Marketing Emails

Email marketing is the act of collecting the information of clients or potential clients in order to engage them from within their inboxes. It’s a more personalized form of advertising and plays a role in its many successes. It’s essentially a digitized version of snail mail. The difference, though, is that emails often include links that can redirect to a business’ main site, additional content, a landing page, etc. One great email can create customer engagement and online traffic for your business. Some marketing emails also happen to be extremely appealing when it comes to their graphics. And even if the aesthetics don’t impress, these emails have other attributes of a successful online marketing campaign.   

Drip Emails

In the marketing world, emails can be set up to do pretty cool things. Emails can be automated to go out to their intended audience at times when they’re most likely to see them. On top of this, different emails can be sent out depending on an individual’s interaction with the first one.

This is known as a drip campaign and can be applied to many different things falling under the marketing umbrella. It just so happens that a drip campaign works really well when it comes to sending emails.

drip email marketing diagram

Think of an email drip campaign like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. If someone interacts with the first email your business sends, the content they’ll receive next will differ from what they would get if they didn’t open the first one at all. There are two directions for the emails to go in, all depending on the choice the consumer makes. This continues until the end of the campaign is reached — there will be a great amount of push for the receiver to buy a product or they will be put on a list of those who need further engagement and convincing. This is just one of the many ways you can successfully market with an email to successfully get an ROI.

How Email is Different Today

An advantage to email marketing is the fact that there’s not a lot of competition. Sure, your message will end up in a full inbox, but other emails are all that has to be dealt with. When it comes to social media platforms, there’s greater distraction — pictures, videos, notifications, messages from friends — no wonder it can be more of a challenge to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to an email, if you’ve got a strong subject line, brand, and the right target audience, you’re sure to get traction from the messages that are being sent.

Because of SMS (texting), regular communication with others through email has become less and less common. It’s likely you’re not having as many conversations through email as you were ten years ago. That makes more and more room in one’s inbox for those marketing campaigns.

How Much an Email Campaign Can Make for Your Business

On average, an email campaign is shown to have an ROI of $38 for every $1 your business spends. This is major, as many marketing campaigns cost more while delivering a lower rate of new customers and ROI. Email is still a great way to attract people to your business and it will keep developing as the rest of the online world does. Check out to see how much your business could be making with an email campaign.   

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