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How Experiential Marketing Campaigns Make Your Brand Memorable

We all know that things are more memorable when they’re actionable. That’s the reason why hands-on activities exist and experiential marketing is so effective. There’s something for people to talk about after it’s through. And not only is this type of marketing campaign significant, but the person who participated will likely talk about it later because the experiences tend to be wildly impactful, meaningful, or just plain fun. Experiential marketing campaigns can be some of the most successful for a business because of what they do to make a brand stand out. 

They’re Thought Provoking 

Something memorable holds weight. Has an experiential marketing campaign ever challenged your way of thinking? Provoked a powerful emotion that you wouldn’t have normally felt? Prompted an important discussion? Experiential marketing provides an opportunity for a brand to make an impact. If implemented well, it could stick with you for a long time. 

They Offer You Something Tangible 

Did you literally get something out of the marketing campaign? If a part of the experience was earning some type of gift to remember the business by, they have probably secured a place in your memory. They’re getting your free promotion (by way of you talking about it or wearing/using a branded item) and you’re receiving something in return. If the gift is better than your average marketing kitsch, people might even ask about it… and you’ll have a great story to tell about an experiential marketing campaign. 

You Experience Them On Your Own Time  

The thing about experiential marketing campaigns is that they draw an audience in naturally by being interesting and out of the ordinary. They don’t need to push themselves at passersby to get participation. If someone is invested enough, their curiosity will get the better of them and they’ll stop to see what it’s all about. Even if they don’t have time at the moment, they may be able to check out the marketing campaign later.   

You Participate if You’re Invested

The downside to an experiential marketing campaign attracting a large audience is that crowds can mean a long wait time for the actual experience. But, because of this, you also know the ones waiting for the experience are the consumers who are very interested. In a way, these events and campaigns are targeting without really trying — even if there’s a long wait, the truly invested will be present. 

They Ask for Your Opinion or Give You a Choice

Most people like their voice to be heard in one way or another. A great thing to do in an experiential marketing campaign is to ask for your audience’s input. For example, there have been campaigns where an organization (in this case, Google) decided to make a philanthropic donation to a non-profit organization. Participation came into play through touch screen advertisements where people were able to vote for where they wanted the money to be allocated. It’s a simple concept that makes participants feel as though they’re a part of something greater. 

What Will Your Business Do?

Does an experiential marketing campaign sound like something your business would be interested in? Your business could greatly benefit from creating a memorable event or unique experience. Of course, you might need to market for this ahead of time and that’s where we can help. From social media posts to print materials of all kinds, the team at Titan Web Marketing Solutions can help get your experiential marketing campaign off the ground. 

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