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How to Take Advantage of Local Business Search

Today on the Small Biz Growth Show we’ll be talking about how to take advantage of local business search.

We’ll be going through what local business search is and how small businesses can benefit from it. Plus we’re going to cover topics such as optimizing your local business search listings, what you can expect when you start the submission process. What citations are and how to get them and the importance of reviews for your business.

Are you taking advantage of local business search?

There are literally millions of small businesses out there today that have no idea what local business search even is. But the days of Yellow Page advertising are gone. People aren’t using them anymore to find what they need. People use Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a host of other search engines and online directories. And we’re going to tell you how you can take part in the revolution. Local search is here to stay and you’d better not miss out.

Local business search is a huge factor for small businesses today. Nearly 20% of searches are local.

So tune in today Thursday, May 5 at 3pm central standard time and remember if you miss the show you can always hear the replay. So check out the show: How small businesses can use local business search.

And remember callers are always welcome. So call in and ask your local business search questions today.

If you’ve been thinking about using search marketing to market your local business or are already using it but haven’t gotten the results you expected, give us a call at 615-890-3600 or use the form to email us. Search marketing works when it’s done right.



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