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Integrated Marketing: Fusing the Online with the Offline

Everyone seems to think that print advertising is going out of style. Who even uses print now that everything is online? Believe it or not, lots of businesses still do. In fact, print is becoming the “non-traditional” marketing strategy. Who knew you could actually stand out by going back to what used to be common? While relying solely on print to market your business might be a little risky, don’t throw it to the side completely. Instead, choose integrated marketing by using both online and offline marketing strategies together to drive traffic from print to digital.

Target Offline Hangouts

Regardless of where you choose to market, you should know who your audience is. So where do they go when they aren’t online? Advertise in those areas with posters or signs and tease them with just enough information to entice them to want to know more. Lure them into looking you up online, where they can learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

Create a Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are a great way to connect you with your audience. They allow you to track how many people are talking about you online and to keep in touch with what they are saying. Just make sure no one else is using your hashtag to avoid the wrong traffic. Hashtags can be used offline by being printed on signs, t-shirts, car magnets, etc. People will see them during their day and be able to get involved with the discussion about you online.

Implement QR Codes

Another great thing to have on printed materials are QR codes, which can be printed onto pretty much anything such as business cards or posters. Those along with the more recent NFC technology can directly connect customers to your website without their having to type in your web address. All they have to do is scan to connect.

Add CTA’s

Every print piece you have should have a call to action that makes them go online. That’s how most of your leads are going to happen. It’s great that they see your business and think about you for a second, but you need them to pursue you further. Include promotional codes or an enticement for them to go online where they will be likely to convert to your product or service.

Remember Print is More than Paper

Integrated marketing with print advertising can be more than just paper. It can include car magnets, t-shirts, pens, coasters, or cups! For car magnets, your advertisement could be as simple as a hashtag, your twitter handle, logo, or web address. Since these sorts of items would be considered more as gifts than pushy advertisements, people are less likely to throw them away and will hold onto them longer, keeping your brand always in front of them.

Your Marketing Team is Here to Help

If you’d like to use integrated marketing for your business, Titan Web Marketing Solutions can help you with all your digital marketing and print advertising needs. With our print advertising services, we can help expand your brand awareness beyond the Internet such as by adding QR codes to business cards and posters, including short links to brochures for your audience to find out more about you, or by displaying a call to action on signs and flyers. Just by having your name printed, you will end up being seen by people who weren’t even looking for you! Contact us today to get a free print design quote specific to your needs. If you’re still unsure of how effective print marketing can still be today, check out these awesome examples of interactive print ads.

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