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Learn How Your Auto Repair Store is Affected by Google Maps

When you are in need of a product or service, what do you do? Like most people, you search on your laptop or smartphone for a local business. In fact, 59% of consumers use Google at least once a month in order to find a reliable local business (Search Engine Watch). On top of that statistics, 48% of mobile researchwhether for a business or information — begins on a search engine.

These statistics indicate that now more than ever, local search marketing is imperative for auto repair shops. If a customer is in need of an oil change and doesn’t have a preference to a particular shop, they’ll hop on their smartphone and begin searching for local businesses, such as an auto repair shop. 

When customers search for your auto repair business, what appears is known as a local map listing. A local map listing displays relevant businesses within a certain radius of the customer’s location. But here’s the catch — those listings also show customer ratings, reviews, contact information, images, and so much more about the business.

Google Map listings allow your auto repair business the opportunity to get in front of your customers via their mobile device. Considering that Google maintains 67.6% of the search engine market, it is crucial that you leverage the Google Maps system!

But Google Maps Recently Made a Dramatic Change!

And it affects your Auto Repair store.

The local map listings Google displays are known to search marketers as “packs”. For a while, Google Maps would display seven local business listings at a time. This then coined the term “7-pack” when describing a local search.

The image from Search Engine Land below displays how the 7-pack looked as of 2014.

7 Pack Google Maps Auto Repair

However, Google recently reduced the number of business listings that would appear in a local search pack. This change was completed to accommodate mobile users, as they lead the pack (pun intended) when it comes to searching online. Only three local listings now appear in a local online search: 


Now that only three local listings are displayed this means that four local auto repair businesses are not shown to customers actively searching online.

Your Auto Repair Business Needs to Be in the 3-Pack Local Map Listing

If you want to drive customers to your business via local search engines such as Google Maps (which you do), it is absolutely crucial that you are included in the top three listings for your location and industry.

If you fail to do so, you will lose out on a significant percentage of potential customers who are searching for auto repair businesses in your area. The big question then becomes…

How Do I Get My Auto Repair Shop in the Google Map Listings?

We’re glad you asked! Google Map listings  don’t happen overnight.

[blockquote]It takes a lot of time, effort, and strategy to get your auto repair business into the top three Google Map position.[/blockquote]

From there, it’s more work to maintain the position and quality of your listing. Keeping your business at the top of the Google Maps system involves:

  • Claiming your map listings and verifying your business with Google
  • Ensuring that all information is correct and updated
  • Completing your entire Google Maps listing profile
  • Providing high quality, enticing images for your listing
  • Getting consistent, positive customer reviews
  • Keyword research and website optimization
  • And so much more

Once your business has a high local ranking (and maintains it), you can reap the rewards. The benefits of a secure position in the 3-pack local Google map listing include:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Higher brand awareness
  • More leads directly to your business
  • Improved online reputation
  • Overall business growth

As you can see, it takes hours upon hours of consistent local search marketing efforts to ensure that your local map listings is placed within the new Google 3-pack.

[blockquote]Do you really have time to put all of this effort into a local search marketing campaign?[/blockquote]

That’s Where Titan Web Marketing Solutions Comes In

We’re local search marketing experts and you’re an auto repair expert. You wouldn’t let someone without experience work under the hood of a car, would you? Instead of trying to finagle the Google Maps system and fit time in your busy schedule to maintain your listing, let the professionals take care of it.

Our goal is to make sure that your auto repair business is found by all of your local customers — both new and existing. We work tirelessly to generate positive and authentic customer reviews, complete map listings, and an ideal position on the Google Maps system so your business can thrive. 

Improve Your Local Map Listing Today!

We’re ready to get to work on your Google Map listing. Boost your ranking today by calling the Titan Web Marketing Solutions team at 615-890-3600 or contacting us online.

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