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How Marketers Target Youth in The Age of Technology

Marketing is a tricky part of any business today. With each new generation that grows up and becomes a part of the consumer market, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies. Because of the rapid adaptations of technology, the way people consume and respond to marketing techniques has drastically changed from generation to generation. Marketing to Millenials is much different than marketing to the up-and-coming generation, Generation Z.

In just a few years, Generation Z will make up approximately 40% of the consumer market. Businesses will need to keep up with their fast pace in order to gain members of the group as loyal consumers. Those who make up Generation Z are different than previous generations when it comes to their marketing reception, and it’s already starting to show. Businesses will need to work on targeting younger people now in order to be favored by them later.  

So how are people targeting Generation Z? The way marketers have been best relating to younger generations is by educating themselves about them. In order to succeed with this demographic, it’s important to try and understand what they’re about. There are a few things successful marketers today already know about Generation Z… 

They’re the Most Connected to Technology 

Even more so than Generation Y, Generation Z is super tech-savvy. Since the day they were born, there’s been the internet and a digital revolution around every corner. Members of Generation Z tend to have different preferences when it comes to media; they’re all about video, gravitating towards Snapchat and Youtube over other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (which they still use, just less).

One thing that hasn’t been present in previous generations is the relationship they’ve developed with social media. While previous generations have viewed it as a tool, Generation Z sees social connectedness as a deeper, almost integral part of their lives. This is understandable, considering the world they were born into.       

They’re Less Attentive but Have a Better Filter 

Growing up in a time where there are so many options, competing factors, and general distractions, attentiveness for the next consumer market is down. This is by no means a jab at the generation, but an observation. It will take different tactics to initially reach them and then keep them invested.

While Generation Z may have shorter attentiveness, they make up for it with a better filter, and these two things seem to correlate. Their attentiveness may be less because they’re sifting through information at a quicker pace and setting aside that of which isn’t useful. They are also setting aside the marketers who are taking the wrong approach with them. 

They Know When You’re Marketing

As discreet as your tactics may (try to) be, the thing about Generation Z is that they can sense your marketing from a mile away. When it comes to marketing, businesses will need to be even more creative in order to connect with this audience. Below are a few ways it’s being done. 

Relate to Them, But Stay Authentic 

Nothing says “uncool” quite like trying too hard. Keep your message clear and concise and try to use their language unless it feels too forced.  

Adopt Snapchat

There are many successful Snapchat marketing campaigns today, and while they work for Millennials, they’re probably even more effective for Generation Z. This is one of their preferred social platforms, so start using it to your advantage by getting their attention today. 

Be Yourself 

Generation Z appreciates when you put a human face to your business. You’ll be much more successful than if you were just to push your brand or products alone. 

Let Them Take Control

Generation Z is full of people with the desire to create. Make your marketing campaign social and interactive. In addition to this, if something can be personalized, provide them with that option. 

Recognize that Streaming is the Future

YouTube is huge with Generation Z. Market on channels where social videos are shared and don’t be afraid to think outside the box (a Youtube star sponsor, anyone?). 

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