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Put Your Business on the Map. Literally.

The ability to find a business’s address on any particular GPS application plays an important role in achieving high traffic. Even businesses with a less-than-optimal location can bring in new customers at a high rate if their address appears in most popular GPS applications. The majority of modern consumers will do a quick “Near Me” search in their preferred GPS application before they drive around town physically searching for what they need. If you have not considered this before, having your business listed on popular navigation apps could drastically increase the percentage of new customers you have coming through the door.

Google My Business

Arguably the most effective way to add your business to frequently used GPS applications is to create a Google My Business account. This will list your company in the Google database so that when potential customers search for your services online, the business itself will show as a listed entity apart from your website link. You can update your business address, your current hours, amenities and much more. After an account is created, Google will mail a confirmation PIN to the listed business address. Once all necessary verification steps have been completed, the business will appear on the Google results page.

A few big-name GPS apps use Google My Business listings to update business locations that are shown and listed in their database. Namely, Google Maps and Waze. Because of this, it is important to have your location precisely accurate so that those applications take your customers directly to your place of business. For example, if you neglect to specify the suite that your business is inside of, this could leave your customers confused when they arrive. If you are having issues with an inaccurate location marker, you can submit a Google Support Ticket. If granted the proper access, there is an available feature to manually drag and drop a pin marker within your Google My Business account to ensure that your location is accurate.

Apple Maps

One very popular navigation app, Apple Maps, doesn’t use Google listings for their databases. There are other ways that you get your business on Apple Maps, and they are fairly simple to do. First, if you have a Yelp for Business account, you might already be listed in Apple’s database. Make sure that your business information on Yelp is accurate and that all necessary verification steps have been completed to ensure that this is the case. Yelp, however, is a website only designed for businesses in the service industry. If you can’t create a Yelp account for that reason, fear not. All you need to do is go to Maps Connect, the Apple Maps portal. Using this method, you’re only a few clicks away from becoming a verified business location in the Apple Maps server.

Perhaps you’ve never considered investing into online navigation for your business before. There is no better time than now to begin. The internet is growing rapidly as a valuable tool for marketing, and online navigation is a large part of that. Along with online address listings, marketing strategies like ‘search engine optimization’ and the utilization of social media are strongly reliable in terms of growing your business. If this all seems overwhelming, reach out to your local marketing agency. Invest in a dedicated marketing team that will successfully market your business in a digital space.

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