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The Dynamic Duo: Insurance and Social Media

Social media’s usefulness for growing businesses cannot be stressed enough. The various platforms provide ways for companies to reach a larger audience than they ever could before, as algorithms can help push posts to users who do not even follow specific accounts. While it may feel strange trying to establish an insurance firm in the world of social media, there are multiple benefits of how these platforms can help you grow. 

Social Media Gets You Right to the Customer 

One of the most impactful ways to reach new potential customers is through social media. Taking advantage of social media platforms allows you to have a direct line of contact with existing and potential customers. If you post consistently, your firm will be on the top of their mind when they start thinking about insurance. Maybe one of your posts will hit someone on the day they are thinking about getting a new insurance policy. 

Engagement is Key 

Social media is all about finding ways to engage with your audience. While you should post about your policies and offers, that shouldn’t take up your page’s entire real estate. Curating and posting helpful or informative content for your audience can help build a relationship of trust, which is undoubtedly necessary for insurance. This can help establish your firm’s brand voice, something that will help customers understand the values you hold. 

Sticking to the Schedule

Unfortunately for us, social media doesn’t come with a user guide that tells you how to post or when the best time to post is. However, after years of experience, we have answers. The main platforms you should be posting on are Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is a platform that can be ideal for posting policies for individuals, like home and auto, whereas LinkedIn, as a business platform, may be best used for commercial policies. Posting 2-3 times per week is recommended. This allows you to be on a user’s social media timeline without overstepping and crowding it up. As for the time of posting, a general rule is to post around 12 PM, so you may be able to catch people on a lunch break, but this can differ depending on your audience. Be careful about weekend posts, as Sunday is usually the worst day to post. 

Your Content is Everything 

You should also think about the type of content that is being posted. Visuals are critical, as they catch a user’s eye and make them want to read more. The visuals need to be related to the content posted. For example, if you’re making a post about car insurance, the picture needs to have cars in it. Creating videos for social media should be considered too, as Cisco said that 82% of all internet traffic in 2021 came from videos. You could create short videos that generalize how certain types of insurance work and include a call to action for your firm at the end. These videos could be the helpful and informative content mentioned earlier and draw more people to your policies.  

The use of social media is an absolute must for any business, especially when in insurance. Even though this blog just scratched the surface of a few ideas, a vast number of strategies could be used to promote your firm online and working with a professional digital marketing agency can help you get the most out of social media. 

Titan Digital offers social media campaigns that can be tailored specifically for you and your agency’s needs. Contact our office if you’re interested in starting a social media campaign for your firm. 

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