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Through the Eyes of an Intern

I knew that I would like it here when I was shot at with Nerf guns after my first few hours of working… that may not sound like the most pleasant experience, but it gave me an idea of the amusing and lighthearted work environment I’d get to be a part of for the next ten weeks.

I think it’s important to have a balance of fun and productivity in the workplace and Titan Web Marketing Solutions does it well. A fear of mine was that the “real world” would be stuffy and that my internship would be the first taste of what would be to come post-graduation. My writing would continue to be strict to AP Style guidelines. My jeans would collect dust until I could wear them on the allotted casual Friday (that’s still a thing, right?) What would become of me?

In the case of this internship, I couldn’t be more wrong or more fortunate for my wrongness.

Titan Web Marketing Solutions provides a fun and laid-back atmosphere where creativity is abundant. I have been given the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience and I feel as though the work I’m doing serves a purpose to Titan Web Marketing Solutions as an agency.

An Introduction to Content Writing

I applied for Titan Web Marketing Solution’s content writing position in late August, after receiving an email from the internship coordinator of my department at Belmont University. I had seen colleagues with these great internships and I always harvested this, admittedly, unhealthy envy. I had interned before and it wasn’t fulfilling. I wanted my own great internship experience.

Thankfully, Titan Web Marketing Solutions came along to provide me with one. Titan’s content writing internship position, with a dash of social media, has truly set the bar high… and I’m not just saying that because this is for their blog.

From the beginning, Titan Web Marketing Solutions has allowed me to make decisions in regards to how this internship would work. I was able to choose the emphasis of my internship because I expressed an interest in multiple facets of their agency. They have been extremely flexible, allowing me work around my academic schedule in order to fulfill ten hours a week at their office in Murfreesboro.

They have shown competency with their online and face-to-face communication, as well as organization, when it comes to my requirements for a given week. When I showed up for my first day of work I was given the equivalent of a course syllabus for the internship. This was extremely helpful, as I was able to see how my time here would progress.

It was a relief to know that they had a plan. They wouldn’t suddenly run out of work for me to do (an internship faux pas I have previously lived through). 

Throughout this internship, I’ve become more familiar with Search Engine Optimization, successful brainstorming techniques, and new places from which to draw inspiration for content. I’ve written client blogs posts, created an email marketing plan, and was assigned a client for whom I would create my final creative project. I’m excited about its progression and what’s in the works for my final weeks here.

Something To Be Excited About

Titan Web Marketing Solutions is able to incorporate fun into their days, whether it takes the form of adding a doodle to the chalkboard wall (they currently have a decorative countdown going on for their new office space), to a pajama day, or the creation of a goofy promotional video for their Facebook page (Which you should go ahead and ‘like’ so you can keep up with their creative antics!). There rarely seems to be a dull moment at the office.  

Why Should You Apply for an Internship with Titan?

If you’re lucky enough to score an internship with Titan, you’ll be spending your time working on projects that you can be proud of. Personally, I’ll be coming away from this internship experience with a portfolio of work; one of the things I was most excited to accomplish.  

At Titan you can rest knowing you won’t be performing menial tasks. You won’t be getting people coffee – you can actually get yourself a cup from the kitchen. And if you’re quick enough, donuts a coworker was kind enough to bring in and share (if you’re wondering, I am quick enough. I know you were worried).

I have always enjoyed hands-on learning experiences and interns will receive an immense amount from a position here.

Titan Web Marketing Solutions offers a variety of different internship positions for college students looking to receive course credit from applicable colleges and universities in Middle Tennessee. I’m learning so much about writing and being a part of a marketing team. Most importantly, I’ve cast my semi-irrational “real world” fear behind me. A job post-graduation may not be so bad after all. 

Be Our Next Intern!

We’re looking for eager interns for each of our departments! Think you’re up for the challenge (yes, Nerf gun wars are involved)? Apply for one of our awesome internships today.

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