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What Marketing Strategy Should You Use In 2023?

How do you write a blog that every marketing company is writing for their final blog of the year and make it different? How do you make it fun and engaging? Where are your pants?   

All questions I started asking myself sitting down to write this blog…Well except for the last one…that was our HR Rep asking that.  

 Over the last 36 months, we have had a worldwide pandemic, record inflation, political upheaval, and vast numbers of people leaving popular social media platforms, and Brooklyn 99 was canceled, and the world is a very different place.   

Before we get to the future let’s look at the past… 

Let’s take a look throughout history and at some of the advertising trends that have come and gone through the years. Then we will get on to what to do in 2023. 

The first recorded Advertisement was in Egypt in 3000 BC, Written on papyrus nailed to a post. 5000 years later we get billboard’s for everything from the world’s giant ball of string in Wyoming, to your great aunt’s flea market in the Ozarks. (not much has changed in billboards really…..)  

Town Criers have been around for thousands if not millions of years. Town Criers ( if you don’t know) is a person that gets paid to walk around screaming out product placement ads in your window or on busy streets. The modern-day equivalent would be the crazy “SUNDY SUNDAY SUNDY Moster truck ads you here on your local radio station while driving cause you forgot your AUX cord at home…  

Plays in ancient roman times would be sponsored and have advertising plugs and product placements built in. Can you Imaging Cesar watching a play and having to sit through Octavian foot cream 30-second ad? Sorry, it makes me giggle… I guess the modern-day equivalent is when you try to cheap out and get ad-supported HULU   

Ok on to my point… 

The basics of advertising have not changed over the years, decades, and Millenniums just the delivery methods.   

Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Video Advertising, Programmatic, Pay Per Click Ads, One or all of the 17 social media sites, audio advertising on podcasting aps…. 

In the modern day and age, we can deliver an ad to the right person in the right style a scary percentage of the time.  

Even tell you if someone that was delivered your ad, walked into your store!  

We can tell you how long they watched a video, what other products they looked at in your online store, if they called you, what they interacted with, follow up advertising to their habits after they have found you. 

As tech increases so do your strategies and options.  

In 2023 your marketing strategy should be to be seen and heard in the market you are trying to acquire.  

If you are opening a doughnut shop there is a solid plan for that using the avenues developed by society and technology. 

Real-estate, the same answer 

Octavian’s foot cream…. same answer 

So for 2023……. 

Hire a Pro….. 

No blog is going to tell you what the most effective marketing techniques are for your unique business or situation.  

Do you know who is going to be able to answer that for you? 

A marketing consultant that has education, training, and knowledge 

I just happen to know how to find you one……. 

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